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A safe place to look, to see, and to tell the truth 

about what you really want to do next.

A supportive environment to navigate taking

the next steps in your most excellent adventure.

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                                   The Unpredictable Journey

                                                          8 sessions

                                                     Part 1 - That One “Something”

                                                        You will review your priorities and your dreams.

                                                    You will identify one “something” that you would 

                                                    like to accomplish this year. 

                                                    Part 2 - Your and Your Money: Friend or Foe?

                                        This is not another budgeting class!

                                                    We will explore the “stuff” that comes up around
                                                 money. You will take small sweet action steps
                                                  toward successfully accomplishing your “something”.


                                               This phone coaching group will include:

                                                *Prioritizing what is most important to you.

                                       *Practice creating momentum.

                                               *Get encouragement as you make progress.

                                                *Have fun and celebrate your success!

                                        Create a new normal that works for you!

                                            $30 per 90 minute session.

                                            Monthly payments available.

                                                                     Required textbook: The Energy of Money, by Maria Nemeth, 6 weeks.

                                                A “pay it forward” sliding scale is available.

                                                Some scholarships available, call to inquire.



“Money is congealed energy.” - Joseph Campbell

  How do you navigate the ups and downs of the year without losing your mind or losing your way?

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Day and evening groups forming now. 

Limit 8 people per group.


If you have read this far but something is holding you back, call up your courage,

take a chance.

“It” isn’t what you think “it” is.




These six week online/phone book studies are
based on the books by Maria Nemeth, Ph.D.

Mastering Life’s Energies (MLE)

Would it be all right with you if your life got easier?

See how your life can become a play filled adventure.

Learning how to live a luminous life!


“This six week book study was an eye opener as to how and why we live our lives “stuck” instead of moving forward with our dreams. I highly recommend this 

book study.”       Debbie W.

Prepare to be amazed!

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