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Mary Davis

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Mary Davis, A.C.C. is a Holistic Health Advocate, and Certified Professional Coach through the International Coach Federation. Privileged to serve clients as far away as England, and all over the U.S.A. Mary coaches people dealing with needs that range from simple to complex like:

     *planning a vacation     

     *cleaning out the garage

     *meeting professional goals 

     *the angst of the frustrated artist

     *adjusting to life without your spouse 

     *navigating mid-life course corrections

     *retired executives thinking: What next?

     *navigating our Volatile, Unpredictable, Chaotic, Annoying world

Coach Mary specializes in personal transformation coaching and has an especially close relationship with baby boomers, creatives, and artists. Mary is experienced in network marketing and the challenges of building a sustainable downline.

Working with teens and college age adults, Coach Mary, partners with youth supporting them to cultivate new skills to take them further than they ever thought possible, allowing them to be forces for good in our society.

Originally from Omaha, NE, Mary made a “Mid-life Run for the Border” to relocate in sunny southern Arizona. This mid-life adventure has had welcome and unwelcome surprises. It has been full of challenge and beautiful synchronicities. As often happens in life, the fantasy isn’t like the reality. Coach Mary has created a vibrant new life in Arizona using the very tools she wants to teach you. 

Mary’s mission is to be at your side, supporting you to achieve what you thought was out of reach.

Would it be ok with you if your life got easier?

With a coach in your corner it can be!

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Doing what she has never done before. 

Coach Mary is ready for the Velcro Wall.

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