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I’m ready for change.

A personal message from
Coach Mary:

“Let me help you take what is in your heart and make it real.

Tell me where you want to go. 

We will build a bridge to
help you get there.”

Mary Davis, A.C.C.

Licensed Chaplain

ICF Credentialed Life Coach

Holistic Health Advocate

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grandma    friend   

photographer  artist

You would like to have a coach. BUT…

There is not enough time
It’s not in your budget.

You won’t stick with it.

You don’t have a dream.

You’re already overwhelmed!


I’ll need some help


A coach just for

  Bring your dreams into reality!

Life coaching can release your Success.

Isn’t this really how life goes?

What is next for you?

Fitting in?     Chilling out?Doing something different?

Creating something new?

Are you a frustrated artist?

Are you “Other-Abled”? Does it feel like people don’t get you?

Prioritize and refocus.

Refresh your spirit.

Increase your resilience.

Begin again.

Launch the dream.

Success Released

Debbie in Kansas

Life’s Intention: 

To be a successful artist and
a loving mom.

Had 2 art show exhibits.

Took a mother & daughter hiking trip to Montana.

Joe in California

Life’s Intention:
To be a loving husband.

Took his wife and her Alzheimers
to church on Sundays.

Mark in Tucson, AZ

Life’s Intention: 

To be a successful actor and director.

Submitted a film to
Sundance Film Festival.

Discover Coaching 

15 minute free phone

ph/text: 520-425-4034

Coaching sessions take place
via phone or video.

$125 per session

Sliding scale available
based on household income.

Read The Fine Print

Do you want 










 a thing!

Focus your time, money and energy on
what matters to you the most.

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