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JUNE 2012

Coach Mary’s drawing of her dream to be a homeowner in Omaha, NE


Coach Mary’s homeownership dream is realized by a move to Tucson, AZ

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What clients have to say about coaching with Mary.

"No" is ok and I'm ok.

I can say that coaching with Mary has me looking at life differently, in a positive way. I feel like my mind is more clear and I’m focusing on accomplishing what I set out to do. I look at the 6 Universal Forms of Energy and how they affect each other. This helps me put things into perspective. When I start falling back into my old ways I also look at the Monkey Mind list, this makes me more grounded.

During our coaching Mary put me at ease, she is very patient and very encouraging, Mary reinforces that I can do what I set out to accomplish because I have set achievable S.M.A.R.T. goals. I am now much more motivated, I am not as tired, I am doing what I said I would do and I’m out there helping others, making my contribution to this world.

Sandie K., Tucson, AZ 

  Hana R., Tucson, AZ

Embracing Myself and Loving It!

I coached with Mary during an important passage in my life, switching from busy entrepreneur to retirement

This created a space and feeling of emptiness. During our coaching Mary helped me learn to be alone and fulfilled by myself. She showed me something important that I will always remember: By changing my thoughts I change my emotions, which changes everything else. 


Mary also taught me that it’s ok to accept myself the way I am right this very moment.

I would work with Mary again because of her ability to bring me back to focus with her compassion, empathy, and sensitivity.      

Hana R., Tucson, AZ                                                                                                                                   

My First Ever Life Coach

Coaching with Mary got me out of a rut by using her experience and providing me guideline materials...and setting goals then giving me support to go through my journey. I will be able to use the quick reference “Coaching Guide” in creating goals and setting a time line to reach my goals. I refer to the Coaching Guide often and will be able to use it for my entire life.

When I met Mary her sincere approach hit me right away. I was touched by her personality, kindness and warm greeting. She said, “Tell me what you want, I’ll get you there!” When we coached we were open with no hidden agenda. 

Mary was my first ever life coach and will be my only one. I will use her again in the future when I need help!                                                             Joe S., Whittier, CA

  Joe S., Whittier, CA

Empowered and Supported by my Coach

During my coaching journey with Mary, she helped me see that I create the transformation in my life. Mary’s support has enabled me to clearly see my goals and to be focused so I may reach them. Mary is very supportive, clear and focused in her coaching which is empowering to me.             Susi F., Tucson, AZ                                                                                                                                                           

I Got Results!

Coaching with Coach Mary has been invaluable to me. I learned not to be so vague which has had a positive impact on my life. She taught me a stream lined technique that worked the minute I tried it.I can use this technique for the rest of my life in helping me achieve my dreams.

Coach Mary taught me 3 simple, yet powerful words that have created transformation in my life. After only 4 sessionsI can recommend coaching with Mary for this one reason: I got results!                                                                                             

Anonymous -Tucson, AZ           

Moving Toward My Dreams       

For over 1 year I've had someone just for "Team Debbie". Coaching with Mary has impacted my life tremendously. In 1973 I was an art major, and as a result of our coaching partnership I returned to my art. I’m painting again at the tender age of 60!

Coach Mary helped me see that my greatest power is to be willing and that monkey mind is a normal thing as I move toward my dreams.  

Mary personalizes the coaching by sharing her own struggles and how the coaching tools have helped her overcome. Being a good listener, with good insight and sticking to life coaching techniques and skills that work supports me in keeping on track, so that I keep moving toward my dreams. She knows my slips and has been there for my accomplishments. 

Mary asked me how I really wanted to spend my "last trimester" of my life. That got me to looking at things. It has been transformational for me to have someone in my corner encouraging me.  I now have a new way of seeing things.                                                 Debbie W., Topeka, KS

  Debbie W., Topeka, KS

What I Uniquely Offer

It has been a fabulous experience having Mary as my coach. I am someone who has spent much of my life ‘going it alone’. 

Spending so much of my life feeling as though I have to negotiate every challenge and battle, with only my own experience to call on, has led me toward a very specific awareness. I believe that every one of us will find tremendous value in having at least one or two people in our lives that really are prepared to listen and to ‘understand’ us. This requirement is more than a good friend can typically offer. It is someone who understands when we are stuck on old beliefs that no longer serve us, and is able to help us to implement ways to get us unstuck!

My own business (, is centered around helping people find the missing people or skills to help them on their personal life’s journey. In the past, what I have not been so good at finding the missing people on MY journey. 

Mary is someone who has helped me see the importance of my contribution to the world… What it is that uniquely I can offer. If you are searching for a coach, or even if you think you don’t need one, I thoroughly recommend investigating what Mary can do for you!

Ian Sumner, United Kingdom

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Ian Sumner, UK

An Awesome Experience

“Coach Mary made the “Energy of Money” class an awesome experience. My favorite homework was the goal photo project - it really inspired me! Five months later my goal was realized when I moved to Tucson, AZ, one year ahead of schedule. 

My take home from this class: Look, see and tell the truth - it’s not always what it appears to be.”

Anne D.

Tucson, AZ

A Good Investment

“Coach Mary listens and can help you easily distinguish Monkey Mind from other things that can get in the way of you and your hopes and dreams. I now look forward to paying bills and making investments. Before this class I wanted to ignore it all.” 

Post Script. 

“It’s been nearly two years since I took the “Energy of Money” class. The class has helped me to create abundance in my life and be open to new money making opportunities. The course helped me to meet my goal of paying 2x the minimum payment toward my student loan every month and to pay myself first every month as well. 

The class was a very good investment.”                                     Dr. Marcy Ziska     
Omaha, NE

Body In Harmony

Dr. Marcy, Omaha,NE

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