Ready Set Go! 
90 days and 9 sessions - Kick Start Package

        This telephone coaching series will include:       
                *Prioritizing what is most important to you.
*Setting achievable goals - most people set the bar too high! 
   *Practice creating momentum and falling down. 
   *Get encouragement to make progress toward your most satisfying goal! 

To register call/text: 520-425-4034 
Monthly payments available.

New clients need to complete an initial Discover Coaching session.

Discover Coaching exploration session
Are you wondering what life coaching is all about? 
This is a low cost, low commitment way to test drive life coaching.
This $45 one hour session will give you a taste of having your own coach.  
In the process you will see what is getting in the way of you 
experiencing even more joy in your journey. 
  Call/text 520-425-4034 to schedule.

The Unpredictable Journey

How do you navigate the ups and downs in life without losing your mind or losing your way?
A two hour telephone “posse call” toward balance and peace.
Group rates available.

These six week teleconference book studies are based 
on the books by Maria Nemeth, Ph.D.

Mastering Life’s Energies (MLE)
Would it be all right with you if your life got easier?
See how your life can become a play filled adventure.
          This course is a suggested prerequisite 
          for “The Energy of Money”.

“This six week book study was an eye opener as to how and why we 
live our lives “stuck” instead of moving forward with our dreams. 
I highly recommend this book study.” Debbie W.

“The exercises done were relevant to my life. The reading assignments really added to the quality of my life and cleared a lot of things up for me.  Coach Mary creates a safe, spacious energy to really see what is true for me. Get some friends together and do this book study. 
You will love it!” Joe S.

Is your relationship with money FRIEND or FOE?
The Energy of Money (EOM) 

This is not another budgeting class!
In this book study you will look at the “stuff” 
around your relationship with money.

You will see things about your relationship 
with money that you have never seen before.
Prepare to be amazed! 

Suggested prerequisite is “Mastering Life’s Energies”.

Create your very own “Posse Call”.  
Are you bored with the Mary Kay and Pampered Chef party scene? 
Tired of the bar scene? 
Get your posse together and do group coaching to achieve 
what you thought was not possible. 

Change your lives as you do something new together! 
The events below can be done as a telephone conference call.

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Call for information 520-425-4034